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Sandalwood is not just a simple plant it is a medicinal plant, there are two types of Sandalwood one is Red Sandalwood and other is White Sandalwood. This is basically used for making Fragrant perfume. The Sandalwood woods are very precious. This plant is usually found in Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand but it is also found in India. It is a parasitic tree, So it grows faster with Hawthorne Plant, orange plant, Gooseberry plant (Amla), Indian laburnum Plant. Sandalwood can be grown in sandy soils, red soils, in addition to this, it is prepared more quickly in smooth clay, rocky soil, etc.

Use as: Wood, Seeds, Oil, Root.

Land Preparation: Anywhere in a year, if there is a proper water system availble then you can plant it two or three times in a deep cultivated soil with 10x10 or 12x12 other plant there are 435 Sandlewood plants are planted in 1 Acre.

Other Information: Sandalwood plant is a slow-growing plant, the sandalwood plant root is fragrant. In 12 to 15 years, about fifteen to twenty-five kgs of wood can be obtained from native plants.